Boost Performance With Shelby GT350 Aftermarket Parts In Our Aerodynamic Packages

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Boost Performance With Shelby GT350 Aftermarket Parts In Our Aerodynamic Packages
Eric Hazen

If you’re looking to make one of the most recognizable American muscle cars even faster, turn to the performance professionals at Verus Engineering. Our carefully developed aerodynamic packages of GT350 aftermarket parts will enhance your ride on the track and the open road. We deliver the added downforce you want in an aerodynamically balanced fashion that minimizes drag.

Check out our different packages and visit our online store to purchase parts. Our components may be purchased individually, but you’ll notice the difference a complete package makes.

Why Purchase Ford Mustang Performance Parts From Verus?

Our engineers are auto enthusiasts, just like you, but they’re also experts in aerodynamic design. We develop parts using computational fluid dynamics software and test them on the track to ensure performance. In addition, our parts fit like OEM to blend perfectly with the stunning appearance of this iconic automobile.

Ventus 1 Package -- OEM Upgrades

Vortex generators attached to the top of a Ford Mustang Shelby

Vortex generators help keep airflow attached and come with our Ventus 1 package.

It’s no secret the S550 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 is a masterful piece of automotive muscle, but there is room for improvement. Our initial aerodynamics package helps by closing factory openings, improving the OEM diffuser, and addressing an issue of detached airflow along the rear hatch.

  • Vortex generators: Our components help reduce drag by keeping flow attached to the hatch. As a result, they feed air to the OEM rear wing, improving the performance of that component.
  • Underbody panels: By closing factory openings under the car, our panels help eliminate turbulent airflow and drag by keeping air moving toward the diffuser.
  • Optional turning vanes: An add-on to our underbody panels, these components help direct airflow to the diffuser. The result is improved downforce with minimal drag increases.
  • Diffuser strakes: Boosting the performance of the OEM diffuser, our outer strakes help diminish the impact of tire wake while inner strakes clean up the flow on the diffuser itself.
  • Fenderliner: Our liner closes a factory opening in the fender and helps direct air out the side or below the fender. As a result, your front aerodynamic components will be more efficient.

Ventus 2 Package – Improved Aerodynamics

Dual dive planes attached in front of the wheel on a Ford Mustang Shelby GT350.

Improve airflow and minimize lift with dual dive planes from Verus Engineering.

We continue to optimize airflow and boost downforce in our Ventus 2 package. We switch out the OEM diffuser with our custom unit and add dive planes to the front end. You’ll also get all the GT350 aftermarket parts from our first package. Here is what you’ll find:

  • Vortex generators
  • Underbody panels
  • Fenderliner
  • Optional turning vanes


  • Dive planes: These Shelby GT350 upgrades improve performance in a couple of ways. You’ll get a slight downforce boost due to the forces on the dive plane surfaces, but the real benefit is how they control airflow. Our dive places create a vortex, pulling air out of fender wells. By doing so, they minimize lift and add downforce.
  • Rear diffuser: Our upgraded rear diffuser helps alleviate pressure drag experienced by street vehicles like the Mustang Shelby GT350. We focus on the wake region and fill it with air from under the car. You’ll enjoy more downforce and less drag.

Ventus 3 Package -- Aggressive Aerodynamics

UCW rear wing on a Ford Mustang Shelby GT350.

 Get a significant downforce boost with a UCW rear wing in our Ventus 3 package.

If you’re ready to get aggressive on the track with a balanced aerodynamic setup, our Ventus 3 package is an excellent choice. We add a rear wing for dramatic downforce increases and then balance out the front with a highly durable composite splitter. Here’s what you will get:

  • Vortex generators
  • Underbody panels
  • Fenderliner
  • Optional turning vanes
  • Dive planes
  • Rear diffuser


  • Front splitter: Our splitter is highly efficient at generating downforce and is constructed of carbon polyweave, the same material used in the top forms of racing. It features an impressive strength-to-weight ratio and exceptional impact resistance. This front-end upgrade is an essential counterbalance to an aggressive rear wing.
  • UCW rear wing: Carefully designed for efficient downforce, our UCW rear wing was developed and refined using CFD software, wind tunnel testing, and on-track testing. The bottom surface of our expertly crafted airfoil does most of the work by inducing higher-velocity airflow and lower pressure. The pressure difference from the top and bottom surfaces gives you the downforce you want.

Purchase GT350 Aftermarket Parts From Verus

Ready to take your already powerful Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 to another level of performance? Turn to Verus Engineering for the ultimate in aerodynamic packages. Purchase our aftermarket upgrades individually in our online shop, or contact us at [email protected] to inquire about our packages.

Boost Performance With Shelby GT350 Aftermarket Parts In Our Aerodynamic Packages
Eric Hazen May 6, 2024
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