Lower Track Times With Our Porsche 992 Aftermarket Parts Packages

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Lower Track Times With Our Porsche 992 Aftermarket Parts Packages
Eric Hazen

A majestic piece of automotive machinery, the Porsche 992 continues the 911’s legacy of exceptional performance and stunning style. But if you’re looking for a bit more bite from this legendary sports car, Verus Engineering has your answer. We’ll help you lower track times with carefully designed Porsche 992 aftermarket parts packages. You’ll get more downforce while maintaining a factory-like aerodynamic balance.

Check out the performance parts we have available. As a bonus, we’ll give you a 5% discount and free shipping when you purchase all components within a package. 

Why Choose Verus For Your Porsche 911 Aftermarket Parts?

Aftermarket dive planes and front splitter on Porsche 911

Verus Engineering uses tools like CFD software to design Porsche 911 aero parts like our dive planes and front splitter.

Upgrading a vehicle like a Porsche 911 requires precision and expertise, which is why you should turn to the performance professionals at Verus Engineering. We believe in an iterative approach and use in-house scans, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis, and other tools to guide our designs. But that’s not all. Before making parts available, we’ll test them on track to ensure real-world results. 

Ventus 1 Package -- Improved Performance

Aftermarket wing mounts for a Porsche 911

Increase your angle-of-attack (AOA) options with upgraded wing mounts from Verus.

Sometimes, you don’t need major modifications to make notable performance improvements. Our Ventus 1 package optimizes aerodynamics with three simple-to-install enhancements. Add downforce and maintain balance with these Porsche 911 aftermarket parts:

  • Increased AOA wing mounts: These upgraded mounts bolt on easily and fit like OEM, increasing your angle-of-attack options and generating more downforce from your rear wing. It’s a simple modification for added performance.
  • Radiator outlet gurney flaps: These components offer a slight uptick in front-end downforce while improving cooling system efficiency. They form a high-pressure zone in front and a lower-pressure area in the back to increase flow rate through the ducting and radiator.
  • Dual dive planes: Our dual dive planes shift the aerodynamic balance forward without the need for a larger splitter. These tools are a perfect complement to our increased AOA wing mounts. They boost performance by helping evacuate the wheels and improving overall airflow around the car. The forces on the units themselves will also provide a slight downforce increase.

Ventus 2 Package – Aggressive Aerodynamics

Aftermarket rear wing on Porsche 911

Get a significant downforce boost with our Porsche 992 UCW rear wing.

If you’re looking for a more aggressive track setup, purchase the Ventus 2 package featuring our front splitter and UCW rear wing. These components provide large front and rear downforce increases and complement each other for optimal aero balance. This aero kit includes: 

  • Dual dive planes
  • Upgraded factory wing mounts
  • Radiator outlet gurney flaps


  • Front splitter: A highly efficient aero device, our front splitter is a great way to generate a significant front-end downforce boost while keeping drag at a minimum. Performance is enhanced due to the pressure differences between the top and bottom surfaces. The splitter is made from durable carbon thermoplastic, the same material used in the highest form of motorsports. This part installs with no cutting or permanent modifications to your Porsche.
  • UCW rear wing: Balance your front splitter with a significant rear downforce boost supplied by our UCW rear wing. This optimized airfoil pulls the vehicle down thanks in large part to the low-pressure zone created by the bottom surface. Our rear wing installs quickly using the factory uprights. It’s capable of generating and withstanding 500+ lbs of downforce.

Purchase Porsche 911 Aftermarket Parts In Our Online Shop

Lower track times and increase your confidence behind the wheel with Porsche 911 aftermarket parts from Verus Engineering. Find everything you need in our online shop. And remember, if you purchase all parts within a package, you’ll enjoy a 5% discount and free shipping. Start shopping now, or feel free to contact us with questions. 

Lower Track Times With Our Porsche 992 Aftermarket Parts Packages
Eric Hazen June 18, 2024
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