Mk5 Toyota Supra Brake Cooling Kit Testing

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Mk5 Toyota Supra Brake Cooling Kit Testing
Clay Warner

Testing The MK5 Toyota Supra Brake Cooling Kit

In their exploration of the Mk5 Toyota Supra Brake Cooling Kit, Verus Engineering embarks on a comprehensive testing journey to ascertain the kit's impact on brake temperature reduction and overall performance. Leveraging the demanding environment of the Putnam Park Road Course, they meticulously compare their solution against the OEM brake setup, focusing on temperature dynamics and the potential benefits of their design. This deep dive not only reveals the technical prowess of their cooling kit but also underscores the importance of effective brake cooling in enhancing driving experience and safety.

Verus' Supra Brake Cooling Kit Setup

Odoo CMS - a big picture

The above image on the left is of the OEM setup, and the image on the right shows our Brake Cooling Kit installed.

We also chose to utilize some Omega Temp Stickers on the rotor hats and calipers. These stickers permanently change color at certain degree increments to show the highest temperature reached in the area where the sticker is placed. These stickers give us a finite temperature of what each location has risen to.

Odoo CMS - a big picture
Odoo CMS - a big picture

Brake Setup for Testing:

·        OEM Rotors

·        OEM Brake Calipers

·        High-Temp Brake Fluid

·        C21 Front Brake Pads by CounterSpace Garage

·        C11 Rear Brake Pads by CounterSpace Garage

·        Stainless Brake Lines

We chose this setup for testing as we feel this is a fairly standard setup for the track.

Testing the Setup

We broke the testing up into 3 total sessions of 4 laps, 4 laps, and then 6 laps. Later on in the day, we wanted to go out one more time for some fun to see if we could get the brakes even hotter. After these 4 lap stints, we drove immediately to the garage without any sort of cool-down so that the brakes were still as hot as possible and did a sweep of the rotor and piston area of the caliper with a laser temperature gun. We then wrote down the highest temperatures that we read for both of these locations.

We are fortunate enough to be members of The Club at Putnam Park Road Course and being a private club, we are able to do lap after lap without other cars impeding our lap times and test results. If there happen to be other cars on track during testing, everyone is always courteous enough to allow us to pass.

 The Testing Results

Above are graphs showing the temperature differences of the rotor and caliper between our Brake Cooling Kit and the OEM setup. These temperatures were recorded from sweeping the caliper and rotor surface with the laser temp gun.

Once we got the car back to the shop, we got the car off the ground so that we could take the wheels off and compare the on-track data with the Omega Temp Stickers. The temperatures varied slightly from what we recorded at the track, but this is due to the location differences where the stickers were placed and where we were reading with the laser temp gun. Below are images of the temp stickers.

Verus' Conclusion

From the on-track data, it is very clear that our Brake Cooling Kit is dissipating quite a bit more heat in the caliper and the rotor than what the OEM setup is doing. By installing this kit, you will benefit from reduced brake fade and increased pad and rotor life. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide if this is a beneficial product for you and your setup, but we do not have anything to hide and we are more than willing to answer any other questions you may have regarding this kit. For product or technical questions, please email us at [email protected].

Mk5 Toyota Supra Brake Cooling Kit Testing
Clay Warner January 31, 2022
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