Product Spotlight: Toyota Supra V1X Swan Neck Rear Wing

May 23, 2024 by
Product Spotlight: Toyota Supra V1X Swan Neck Rear Wing
Eric Hazen

Are you looking for the perfect complement to your aggressive front splitter? Would you like a significant rear downforce boost to increase your confidence and lower track times? The part you’ve been waiting for has arrived. Verus Engineering is pleased to introduce our new Toyota Supra V1X Swan Neck Rear Wing. Learn more about this exciting component and shop our impressive lineup of Supra performance parts today.

Meet Our New Toyota Supra Wing

Our new Toyota Supra wing will indeed turn heads, but what you will really appreciate is the performance. Available in our top-end Ventus aerodynamic package or separately, this exceptional piece of aerodynamics was designed through computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software. The iterative CFD process allowed us to:

  • Optimize the airfoil 
  • Ensure the wing gets adequate airflow
  • Achieve aerodynamic balance with our high-downforce front splitter
  • Enhance overall performance

This dynamic piece of equipment can generate and withstand 700+ lbs of downforce. That number may be hard to visualize, but you’ll feel it as you enter and exit corners with a smile on your face.

How Our Supra Swan Neck Rear Wing Is Made

Toyota Supra on track with full aerodynamic package

Our expert engineers designed the Supra rear wing and developed the molds in-house. We cut the molds and send them to a local composite shop for fabrication. Each unit is made from pre-preg carbon and can take 12-14 man hours to produce. The result is one of the most robust and efficient wings on the market, with an outstanding lift-over-drag (L/D) ratio. Each is assembled per order and typically ships within five days. Learn more about how these components are produced.

Our Supra rear wing will fit the contours of your vehicle perfectly. We utilize in-house scan data that results in a near OEM fit and finish. It bolts easily to the factory trunk. But don’t worry; we’ll provide installation instructions, including a drill template.

 What We Include With Your MK5 Supra Wing

V1X swan neck rear wing kit from Verus Engineering

You’ll get everything you need with your MK5 supra swan neck wing, including all the stainless hardware required for a seamless installation. Here is what you will find:

  • ​Carbon fiber rear wing - 2x2 twill pre-preg carbon, autoclave cured, automotive high-gloss clear
  • Machined billet aluminum swan neck uprights
  • Machined billet aluminum trunk mounts
  • Machined billet aluminum trunk support plates
  • Load transferring trunk stops
  • Stainless hardware

Don’t forget - we’ll provide instructions, and if you need more help, check out our installation video online.

Order The New Toyota Supra Wing From Verus Engineering

Take your Toyota Supra to the next level with our V1X rear wing! If you want the ultimate performance and aerodynamic balance, go with our top-end Ventus 5 package. You’ll get the perfect pairing with our new Supra wing and high-downforce front splitter. You can also purchase parts separately in our convenient online shop. Check out our impressive selection of Supra aftermarket parts today.

Product Spotlight: Toyota Supra V1X Swan Neck Rear Wing
Eric Hazen May 23, 2024
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