Optimize Performance With A Toyota Supra Aero Kit From Verus Engineering

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Optimize Performance With A Toyota Supra Aero Kit From Verus Engineering
Eric Hazen

Fast, stylish, and fun to drive, the A90 Toyota Supra is an amazing sports car, but just like any other factory model, there’s an opportunity for performance enhancements. If you’re looking to lower track times or get more enjoyment from the open road, Verus Engineering has your solution. Our customized Toyota Supra aero kits deliver the downforce and aerodynamic balance you need for optimal performance.

Choose from one of these packages:

Ventus 1 - Improved Aerodynamics

Ventus 2 - Aerodynamic Balance

Ventus 3 - Aggressive Aerodynamics

Ventus 4 - Attack Mode

Ventus 5 - Ultimate Performance

Explore our available packages to find the right one for your application, and then head to our online store to purchase Supra parts. Even though you don’t have to install components as a complete aero kit, you’ll notice the difference a complete package will make. To make the decision easier, we offer free shipping and a 5% discount when you purchase all components within a package. Contact us today if you have questions or want to customize your aerodynamic setup further.  

Why Get Toyota Supra Performance Parts From Verus?

Toyota Supra with aftermarket rear diffuser

Verus Engineering parts like this rear diffuser are expertly developed using CFD software, wind tunnels, and on-track testing.

Our Toyota Supra performance parts are designed using cutting-edge CFD software, wind tunnel testing, and track testing with a professional driver. These packages fit like OEM and increase the factory performance, all while keeping the factory warranty. 

Ventus 1 Package -- Improved Aerodynamics

A90 Toyota Supra with aftermarket dive planes

Reduce lift and control airflow around your car with dive planes from Verus Engineering.

When designing our Toyota Supra aero kits, we focus on adding downforce with minimal or negligible increases in drag. Our Ventus 1 Improved Aerodynamics package is the perfect place to start and includes the following; 

  • Supra A90 Dive planes: When properly placed according to our templates, dive planes boost performance in a couple of ways. You’ll experience a slight downforce boost due to the forces on the units, but the real benefit is how they control airflow. Our dive planes create a vortex, pulling air out of fender wells. By doing so, they minimize lift and add downforce.
  • Supra A90 Rear diffuser: One way to alleviate the pressure drag experienced by road vehicles like the A90 Toyota Supra is through a well-designed rear diffuser. Essentially, we address the wake region, the low-pressure area behind the car that wants to pull it rearward. By filling this region with air from under the car, we are able to reduce drag.
  • Supra A90 Wind deflectors: The Toyota A90 Supra is notorious for wind buffeting. Instead of letting it ruin the ride, we designed a solution. Our wind deflectors solve the problem, look fantastic, and attach easily with 3M double-sided tape. They provide these benefits without adding drag or impacting other aerodynamic components.

Ventus 2 Package -- Aerodynamic Balance

Front splitter kit from Verus Engineering

Our carbon polyweave front splitter is the perfect complement to your rear diffuser and wing.

Improve your grip, reduce lift, and promote proper aerodynamic balance with our custom Toyota Supra front splitter. You’ll get this critical front-end component and all the additional performance parts from our first package. Here’s what you will find:

  • Dive planes
  • Rear diffuser 
  • Wind deflectors


  • Supra A90 Front splitter: Constructed from carbon polyweave, the same material used in the top forms of motorsports, our front splitter offers durability, impact resistance, and an impressive strength-to-weight ratio. You’ll get a substantial front-end downforce boost and a balanced setup. It’s the perfect complement to a rear wing. 

Ventus 3 Package -- Aggressive Aerodynamics

Toyota Supra aftermarket rear wing from Verus Engineering

Our UCW rear wing for the MK5 delivers an incredible downforce boost and balances well with our high-performance front splitter.

Take performance to another level and watch those track times drop with our Aggressive Aerodynamics package. This Toyota Supra aero kit includes everything in the previous packages and our expertly engineered UCW rear wing. Here’s what you’ll get: 

  • Dive planes
  • Rear diffuser 
  • Wind deflectors
  • Front splitter


  • Supra MK5 UCW rear wing: Designed specifically for higher downforce, our UCW rear wing was crafted using CFD simulations and wind tunnel testing. We then tested it on track to ensure you get real-world results. The wing’s bottom surface does most of the work by creating a higher-velocity, lower-pressure zone. The pressure difference from the top and bottom surfaces gives you the sought-after downforce. Our UCW wing also redirects airflow straight rearward instead of down, further optimizing performance.

Ventus 4 Package -- Attack Mode

New high-downforce splitter from Verus Engineering.

Boost front-end downforce and balance out aggressive rear aerodynamics with our new high-downforce splitter.

Get even more aggressive on the track with our Ventus 4 package featuring an upgraded splitter blade. You’ll enjoy a dramatic, front-end downforce boost and the ability to run higher angles of attack on your rear wing. Lower your track times while still maintaining a balanced setup. This package includes the following:

  • Dive planes
  • Rear diffuser 
  • Wind deflectors
  • UCW rear wing


  • MK5 High-downforce splitter: This newly developed splitter generates 27% more front-end downforce than our previous version per our track testing. It’s made from durable carbon polyweave that won’t crack or bend under your car. It’s also lightweight and stiff - a perfect combination for a splitter. An included air dam boosts performance even more by bringing the splitter flat against the vehicle’s underbody. 

Ventus 5 Package -- Ultimate Performance

Toyota Supra V1X rear wing designed by Verus Engineering

Get the added downforce you need to increase track speeds with this Toyota Supra V1X rear wing from Verus Engineering.

Our top-end package pairs our new swan neck V1X wing with the high-downforce splitter for the ultimate on-track performance. In addition, you’ll get our recently developed fender vents, which promote good airflow and reduce excess heat. Get significant rear downforce increases within a balanced setup designed for the track. Our top-end package includes:

  • Dive planes
  • Rear diffuser 
  • Wind deflectors
  • High-downforce splitter


  • A90 V1X Swan Neck Wing: This exciting new component will boost your confidence and lower track times. It’s the perfect addition to your vehicle when utilizing the high-downforce splitter. Our swan neck V1X wing bolts easily to the trunk, offering a near OEM fit and finish. You can set the angle of attack from 0 to 14 degrees to balance out various front-end aerodynamic modifications. Our expertly designed and tested wing can generate and withstand 700+ pounds of downforce.
  • Fender vents: Excessive heat and turbulent air can hurt performance when running at top speeds. Improve your airflow and transfer heat with the help of our new fender vents.

Get The Top A90 Toyota Supra Performance Parts From Verus

Reduce track times and achieve the ultimate aerodynamic balance with Toyota Supra performance parts from Verus Engineering. Our components are expertly designed and tested by experienced engineers who are auto enthusiasts just like you. Order online today or contact us if you need help optimizing this fantastic sports car.

Optimize Performance With A Toyota Supra Aero Kit From Verus Engineering
Eric Hazen April 18, 2024
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