Porsche 992 GT3 Ventus 1 Package

CFD Developed Ventus 1 Package for the GT3 Porsche
December 18, 2022 by
Porsche 992 GT3 Ventus 1 Package
Eric Hazen

In the near future, we will be offering multiple  Porsche 992 GT3 products, which means we will offer both Ventus 1 & Ventus 2 packages! All products in our Ventus 1 and 2 packages were designed within CAD using in-house scan data and optimized with CFD analysis using OpenFOAM. If you are interested in purchasing one of our Ventus packages, contact us directly via email ([email protected]) for an exclusive discount.

VENTUS 1 Package

This package will include the Verus Engineering Radiator Outlet Gurney, Dual Element Dive Plane Kit, and Upgraded Factory Wing Mount Kit. If you are looking for a slight increase in downforce with minimal impact from the factory, the Ventus 1 kit is your go-to option.

Porsche 992 Radiator Outlet Gurney

Radiator Outlet Gurney

  • Provides an increased flowrate through the radiator
  • Slight increase in front downforce and shifting balance
  • Produced by 2x2 twill carbon fiber, with an automotive clear coat finish
  • Light-weight and lines up with the body lines for correct fitment

Part Number A0447A​

Dual Element Dive Planes

  •  Provides slight frontend downforce without a reduction in ground clearance
  • Reduces lift on the body, which improves performance
  • Produced from 2x2 Carbon Fiber with an automotive clear coat
  • Lightweight and easily installed with provided templates and 3M tape.

Part Number A0427A​

Porsche 992 GT3 Dive Planes

Upgraded Factory Wing Mounts

  • Allows adjustments to the factory wing for more angles of attack
  • Replaces factory mounts while utilizing all factory hardware
  • Allows increased performance with factory wing
  • Machined in-house out of 6061 with a fine texture powder coat finish

Part Number A0443A

VENTUS 2 Package 

The Ventus 2 Package will add even more downforce as well as include all components in the Ventus 1 Package. We will release a blog post shortly on this kit to explain in further detail what the Ventus 2 kit includes!

Porsche 992 GT3 Ventus 1 Package
Eric Hazen December 18, 2022
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