How To Tell Which Aftermarket Performance Parts Are Good Quality

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How To Tell Which Aftermarket Performance Parts Are Good Quality
Eric Hazen

Many aftermarket performance parts will look pretty similar at first glance, and it might be tempting to just go with the more affordable option. If your intent i to simply put a component on your car that looks cool, you’re probably safe going the cheaper route. But if you’re more concerned about performance and finding the best possible solution for your vehicle, quality is an important consideration. 

When trying to figure out which aftermarket performance parts are good quality, you’ll want to go beyond appearance and learn more about how the product was designed and manufactured.

Proper Design Leads To Optimal Performance

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis on Porsche 992Using advanced tools like computational fluid dynamics software results in superior aftermarket part design.

How was the part engineered? What kind of testing and analysis was done? You might not ask these types of questions when replacing a part on your family sedan, but it’s good to know when trying to maximize performance. A designer or manufacturer that understands and uses advanced mechanics like computational fluid dynamics (CFD) will have an edge over the competition. The right type of professional CFD software is critical in developing quality aftermarket parts as it informs design decisions with accurate and realistic analysis. Lesser tools lead to poor analysis and subpar components.

Testing Is Critical To Ensure Quality

Trial and error is a part of any development process, and that is true for performance auto parts as well. A quality component will go through countless iterations before the final version is released. Tools like CAD, CFD, FEA, 3D printing, rapid prototypes, and data analysis are highly effective in automotive testing. On-track testing is also key to gathering data and performing proper analysis. Be sure you have an idea of what went into creating your performance part before purchasing. 

Quality Aftermarket Parts Use Better Materials

Front splitter and dive planes on Porsche 911

Quality aftermarket parts like the front splitter on this Porsche 911 feature durable, damage-resistant materials.

When trying to find quality aftermarket parts, you have to consider the material. Like any other industry, decisions are often made with cost and the company’s bottom line in mind. As a consumer, you must consider what’s best for your vehicle. It’s natural to want to save money, but a cheaper option could cost you more in the long run when you have to replace it.

For example, there are a range of materials used in the production of aftermarket splitters. These components can make a big difference in performance but their composition is critical. A material like carbon polyweave, which is used in high forms of motorsports, is damage resistant. It’s not brittle and prone to cracking like other options such as carbon fiber and ABS. You also won’t have issues with it grabbing and bending under the car like aluminum. And, since it’s lightweight and stiff, it makes for an excellent splitter material. 

Which Part Is Best For Your Driving Style

UCW rear wing on Subaru BRZ.

Considering the driver and the application is important when selecting aftermarket performance parts like this Subaru BRZ rear wing assembly.

Just as there are a wide variety of aftermarket performance parts, there are also many different types of drivers. A part that is right for a professional driver might not be the best choice for an auto enthusiast who occasionally turns laps at the local track. We confirm this point when we studied different rear wings with two drivers of different skill levels at the same track. When comparing fastest laps, the amateur used a completely different setup than the professional.

If you’re not sure what’s best for you, a knowledgeable aftermarket auto parts team can help. 

Buy Aftermarket Performance Parts From Verus Engineering

If you’re in the market for quality aftermarket parts, turn to the experts at Verus Engineering. You can rest assured your parts will be properly designed, tested, and analyzed with advanced tools like professional CFD software, FEA analysis, and data acquisition. Verus has earned an excellent reputation and has the right part for your application. Shop online today or learn more about how these custom-engineered performance parts are designed.

How To Tell Which Aftermarket Performance Parts Are Good Quality
Eric Hazen July 11, 2023
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