Find The Perfect Combination Of GR86 Performance Parts In Our Aerodynamic Packages

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Find The Perfect Combination Of GR86 Performance Parts In Our Aerodynamic Packages
Eric Hazen

There are many reasons why auto enthusiasts flock to the Toyota GR86. It’s a responsive, well-handling sports car that’s a blast to drive and available at a reasonable price. While this machine is incredible off the factory floor, there’s always room for improvement. If you want to generate more speed and on-track enjoyment, Verus Engineering has the GR86 performance parts you need! 

Check out our expertly designed aerodynamic packages that deliver more downforce while maintaining a factory-like balance. We’re pleased to offer free shipping and a 5% discount when you buy all parts within a package.

Why Order GR86 Performance Parts From Verus?

 Front end of Toyota GR86 with splitter and dive planes

Driven to create the best aftermarket parts available, Verus Engineering wants you to get the most out of your Toyota GR86. We are auto enthusiasts, too, but we have expert-level knowledge of motorsports engineering and aerodynamic design. We use tools like computational fluid dynamics software to fine-tune ideas into workable solutions that we can test on the track. 

Ventus 1 Package -- Optimized Airflow

Aftermarket rear diffuser installed on Toyota GR86

One of the first steps to improving aerodynamics and increasing speed is to better control how air moves around your car. Improved airflow is the focus of our Ventus 1 package, and we’ve accomplished this goal by adding dive planes, a transmission tunnel cover, and a rear diffuser. These components impact airflow around, underneath, and at the rear of your vehicle.

  • GR86 Dive planes - The real benefit of our dive planes is their ability to create a vortex that helps evacuate the fenders. By doing so, lift is reduced, and performance is improved. You will also get a slight downforce boost due to the pressure differences on the dive planes' surfaces. Faster-moving air creates a lower-pressure zone underneath while higher-pressure air remains on top.
  • Transmission tunnel cover for Toyota GR86 - Turbulent air will sabotage your track day, but this simple component will help minimize it. Our transmission tunnel cover improves underbody airflow and closes up a known point of turbulence around the transmission. You’ll also get better efficiency from your rear diffuser.
  • GR86 Rear diffuser - A key component in reducing drag and adding downforce, our rear diffuser benefits you in a couple of ways. It helps keep the air moving quickly underneath your vehicle but also fills the wake region behind the car. Doing so minimizes the low-pressure wake region that wants to drag your car rearward.

Ventus 2 Package – Aggressive Aerodynamics

Verus Engineering UCW rear wing kit for a Toyota GR86

Are you ready to get serious about lowering track times in your GR86? Our aggressive aerodynamics package offers the front and rear downforce boosts you need. Here is what you will find in our top-tier package:

  • Dive planes
  • Transmission tunnel cover
  • Rear diffuser


  • Toyota GR86 Front splitter: A must-have aerodynamic component, our front splitter generates a significant downforce boost and offsets an aggressive rear wing for optimal aerodynamic balance. The bottom surface helps establish a lower-pressure zone under the car, while high pressure on top helps drive the vehicle downward at speed.
  • GR86 UCW rear wing: The perfect complement to our splitter, the rear wing works in a similar fashion as the bottom surface does more to generate downforce. The low-pressure zone underneath helps pull the vehicle down while a bit more downforce is generated on the top surface. Our wing works with the factory spoiler and bolts easily to a structural part of the trunk.
  • GR86 Side splitters: These components help keep high-pressure air above from getting underneath the vehicle. Our goal is to clean up underbody airflow during high yaw conditions like turning. Downforce increases are centrally located and do not impact the overall aerodynamic balance.

Find Your Toyota GR86 Aftermarket Parts In Our Online Shop

Ready to give your spirited Toyota GR86 a significant performance boost? Turn to the aftermarket experts at Verus Engineering. Contact us today to order a package or purchase parts in our convenient online shop.

Find The Perfect Combination Of GR86 Performance Parts In Our Aerodynamic Packages
Eric Hazen May 23, 2024
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