Subaru WRX/STI Carbon Dive Planes (Canards)

The main purpose of dive planes or canards is to shift aerodynamic balance forward. With the WRX and typical splitters, producing enough front downforce for a proper aerodynamic balance is difficult.  Dive planes are placed far forward on the car which creates a moment around the center of gravity.  This moment means that the dive planes do not have to create a large force to shift the aerodynamic balance forward.


Using CFD, we were able to design an efficient unit that shifts the vehicle's center of pressure 25mm forward.   The dual dive plane increases front-end downforce by 56 lbs at 100 MPH.  We can see below the dive planes also create vortices which help seal the side of the car.


The dive planes are constructed from 2x2 twill, 1.5mm thick dry carbon that is cured in an autoclave.  The units are then polished to a high gloss shine, no gel coat here that will yellow over time!

The molds were constructed off CNC machined plugs directly off our CAD design which was derived from our CFD analysis.

 The dive planes can be installed in either a lower location, an upper location, or in a dual dive plane configuration; with the dual dive plane doing the most for vehicle performance.