What Is A Fuel Starvation Door And Do You Need One For Your GT86, BRZ, Or FR-S?

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What Is A Fuel Starvation Door And Do You Need One For Your GT86, BRZ, Or FR-S?
Eric Hazen

Track day has come, and you can't wait to lower track times in your GT86. You’ve upgraded to a modified aerodynamic setup featuring a new rear wing for your GT86. You can feel the downforce and the added speed, but something happens when cornering. There’s an unexpected performance drop that puts a severe damper on your day. 

You may be experiencing fuel starvation, a common concern for 86-platform owners. See how a fuel starvation door can help.

What Is Fuel Starvation And Why Is It Happening?

Verus Engineering fuel starvation door positioned in fuel basket of GT86

The Verus Engineering fuel starvation door is situated within a GT86's fuel basket.

Your engine is trying to perform but isn’t getting enough fuel. You have fuel in the tank, so what’s the problem? The issue occurs during high-G, left-hand turns. The vehicle's tilting on longer corners is causing the E85 to run back out of the fuel basket. You may find this happens in your Subaru BRZ, Scion FR-S, or Toyota GT86, even when you have over ½ tank of gas. You’ll likely experience it even more often when the tank gets below that level.   

How Will A Fuel Starvation Door Help?

This simple, inexpensive part from Verus Engineering can solve fuel starvation problems in 86-platform models.

Instead of topping off your E85 before every run, you can invest in a simple, cost-effective solution. The fuel starvation door from Verus Engineering will do the job. This small component is designed to snap into place within the fuel basket easily. As you take your left-hand, high-G turn, the fuel stays accessible to the pump instead of running back out of the inlet. Your fuel pump - and your engine - will be well-fed.

The Verus fuel starvation door is supplied with a Viton O-ring and corrosion-resistant materials to ensure lasting performance. It’s suitable for any 86-platform model running ethanol or regular pump fuel. This simple part is not intended to replace a surge tank, but it may be all you need to enjoy a day on the track without worrying about sudden performance drops and potential damage to your car.

Order Fuel Starvation Doors From Verus Engineering

Known for stunning aerodynamic components like high-downforce rear wings, Verus Engineering is skilled in all of your vehicle’s systems. You’ll find everything from clutch forks to fuel starvation doors in our online shop. We take pride in designing solutions for problems of all kinds, including fuel delivery. Browse our parts today, and check our helpful FAQ if you have questions. 

What Is A Fuel Starvation Door And Do You Need One For Your GT86, BRZ, Or FR-S?
Eric Hazen June 25, 2024
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