Subaru VA WRX / STI Ventus Package

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Subaru VA WRX / STI Ventus Package
Eric Hazen

Originally designed as a competitive model for the World Rally Championships, the Subaru WRX is a favorite among auto enthusiasts worldwide. To take your vehicle to the next level, turn to Verus Engineering. Our Ventus performance parts packages are expertly designed to boost aerodynamics by creating downforce while keeping drag at a minimum. 

Check out our different packages and find the right Subaru WRX aero kit for your application. Then, use our Subaru online shop to order the perfect parts for your needs. If you have questions, our dedicated staff is here to help. Feel free to call, email, or reach us through our simple contact form.

Ventus 1 Package -- Basic Aerodynamics

Subaru WRX equipped with an aftermarket rear diffuser

Subaru WRX equipped with aftermarket performance parts.

Our Ventus 1 package is a great way to start optimizing your aerodynamics. This basic package includes:

  • WRX Rear diffuser: A great way to add stability to a street car like the Subaru WRX, the rear diffuser helps establish a low-pressure region under the car for enhanced downforce. Our expertly designed component will also reduce drag by directing air into the wake region behind the vehicle. 
  • Suspension covers: These parts help eliminate underbody gaps and feed air into the diffuser, improving its effectiveness in generating downforce and reducing drag. Our covers provide a near OEM fit and finish and cover a large void in the underbody so you can get the most out of your diffuser.
  • WRX/STI Dive planes: When properly designed and placed, dive planes are incredibly beneficial in controlling airflow around the car. By doing so, they can effectively pull air out of the fender wells to minimize lift and generate downforce. Some downforce is also produced by the force on the component's surface due to a lower pressure region on the bottom and higher pressure on the top. Placement is critical to maximize performance, and our dive planes come with a detailed template so you know exactly where to put them.

Ventus 2 Package -- Added Downforce

Balance out your rear aerodynamics with a front splitter.

Our Ventus 2 package includes everything in the Ventus 1 package but with the bonus of a front splitter and side splitters for even more downforce. Subaru WRX aftermarket parts in this package include:


  • Front splitter For WRX/STI: The ideal choice for boosting front-end downforce, our splitter is instrumental in creating a sizable low-pressure region under the car. Attached airflow is sent back to the diffuser for a synchronized aerodynamic approach. 
  • Subaru Side splitter: An excellent addition to the Ventus 2 Subaru WRX aero kit, these components add downforce without increasing drag. They help prevent air at the top sides of the car from disrupting your lower-pressure zone underneath.

Ventus 3 Package -- Aggressive Aerodynamics

Subaru WRZ with aftermarket rear wing

Get a significant downforce boost with this Subaru WRX rear wing from Verus Engineering.

The Ventus 3 package is designed for an aggressive downforce boost with the addition of our UCW rear wing. You’ll enjoy the added grip, especially when cornering at higher speeds. The Subaru WRX STI aftermarket parts in this package include:


  • UCW rear wing: Specifically designed for greater downforce, our UCW rear wing for Subaru WRX gets the job done by creating a pressure differential. Air moves faster along the bottom surface to produce a lower-pressure region. This helps pull the rear of the vehicle down. 

Enhance Performance With a Subaru WRX Aero Kit From Verus

Get the added downforce and aerodynamic balance you need with a Ventus package from Verus Engineering. Although you can purchase our performance parts separately, you’ll benefit the most from our expertly designed Subaru WRX aero kits. Contact us today to customize the perfect package for your application. 

Subaru VA WRX / STI Ventus Package
Eric Hazen April 9, 2024
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