Should You Upgrade Your Clutch Fork?

February 7, 2023 by
Should You Upgrade Your Clutch Fork?
Eric Hazen

Splitters, diffusers, and rear wings are great, but these aerodynamic enhancements won’t do you much good if your vehicle has fundamental problems changing gears. The good news is there is a solution that can help ensure your clutch engages as expected, even under the most demanding conditions. An upgraded clutch fork, like the ones offered by Verus Engineering, can work wonders to ensure a high level of performance for miles to come. 

When Clutch Problems Might Occur

An upgraded clutch fork will help ensure reliable performance in demanding conditions.

An upgraded clutch fork will help ensure reliable performance in demanding conditions.

In normal, everyday driving, a standard OEM clutch fork is likely to be sufficient most of the time -- even though there are stories of the original Subaru clutch fork breaking with a completely original drivetrain. Nevertheless, when you upgrade the clutch and pressure plate, the factory clutch fork is usually not sufficient. In situations with more horsepower and torque, when a heavier-duty pressure plate and clutch are needed to improve horsepower and torque, the clutch fork is under more stress than originally designed and is more likely to fail. Here are some signs of a problematic clutch fork: 

  • Trouble changing gears
  • Noises and vibration when the clutch is engaged
  • Clutch may feel stiffer than normal
  •  Inconsistent clutch pedal pressure

Eventually, the clutch fork will bend, fracture, and possibly break, leaving you with an expensive tow. Thankfully, there are aftermarket clutch fork solutions that will solve the problem.

What Is Happening With the Clutch Fork? 

Clutch forks may fracture or break when the material cannot withstand the force being applied to it. In more technical terms, the component surpasses its yield strength, representing the maximum amount of stress it can handle before being damaged.

In many cases, the force being applied will cause a change of shape or deformation. There are two different types, one of which you will want to avoid. 

  • Elastic deformation: This occurs in normal function, and the material returns to its original shape when the force is removed.
  • Plastic deformation: This is abnormal and results in a permanent change to the material. Essentially, the part is degrading, getting weaker, and failing.

Replace Your Clutch Fork With a High-Performance Option

Subaru ZN6- Clutch Fork-Forged

An aftermarket clutch fork from Verus Engineering offers superior strength and longevity compared to OEM options.

Why should you replace your clutch fork with an aftermarket part from Verus Engineering? The Verus team created an incredibly strong component that will not reach the point of yield strength, even when under heavy stress. It might sound simple, but the process of getting to that point required extensive testing, analysis, and design expertise. Find more information on how we upgraded the Subaru clutch fork.

Really, what you need to know is that you have a much stronger part that can handle any performance upgrade you throw at it. Here are some of the measured results:

  • Maximum stress was reduced by 88% in both the Subaru BRZ (FT86 platform) and Subaru WRX. 
  • Deformation was reduced by 82% for the BRZ model and 89% for the WRX. 

In addition, the clutch fork created for the FT86 platform can be used in over 270 Subaru vehicle variants, and the one engineered for the Subaru WRX is found in 70 more. 

Improve Performance With Verus Engineering

Upgrade your clutch fork and keep your vehicle where it belongs - on the track and the open road. While you’re at it, be sure to check out all the many performance enhancements we have available. Order parts online today or contact us for more information. Once we have your order, we’ll get it shipped to you quickly. In fact, most of our Midwest and East coast clients enjoy deliveries in 1-2 business days. If you live elsewhere in the U.S., you can expect to have it within five days.

Should You Upgrade Your Clutch Fork?
Eric Hazen February 7, 2023
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