ProjectFT86SFTA - Episodes 8 & 9

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April 5, 2019 by
ProjectFT86SFTA - Episodes 8 & 9
Clay Warner

Have you fallen behind on our ProjectFT86SFTA series? If so, it's time to get caught up with what we have had going on in the shop for the past couple of weeks. We are rapidly approaching our deadline, so we are in scramble mode to get this build completed on time. For the full series, make sure to head on over to our YouTube channel and don't forget to hit that subscribe button while you are at it.

In episode 8 of Project FT86SFTA, Eric and Paul begin the bonding process for the front splitter and Eric goes over some of the cooling stack ducting he has been working on. We also received the second element for the rear wing this week, so we had Eric briefly go over the mounting procedure.

In this week's episode, episode 9, of Project FT86SFTA, Eric walks you through his workflow on putting together the front splitter. Man Bun Mike and Paul also begin the installation of the flat underbody panels. 

ProjectFT86SFTA - Episodes 8 & 9
Clay Warner April 5, 2019
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