Product Spotlight: Miata ND Rear Wing Delivers Track-Day Performance

March 14, 2024 by
Product Spotlight: Miata ND Rear Wing Delivers Track-Day Performance
Eric Hazen

Are you looking for more downforce and traction on your Mazda Miata ND for track days or racing applications? Verus Engineering’s expertly designed Miata ND rear wing will deliver the aggressive downforce boost you want while minimizing drag. Learn more about this aerodynamic component and how to incorporate it into your ride.

Does A Wing Make Sense for A Mazda Miata?

Mazda Miata with aerodynamic wing setup running on a track

Improve track-day performance with a Miata ND wing from Verus Engineering.

It’s understandable if you’re skeptical about adding a rear wing to a vehicle that has lower horsepower in stock form. You don’t want to sacrifice straight-line speed for more grip around the corners. You won't have to when you get the high-efficiency Miata ND wing from Verus Engineering. Our automotive engineers know how to create downforce while keeping drag increases to a minimum. 

How We Designed Our ND Miata Wing

Mazda Miata ND high-efficiency rear wing kit from Verus Engineering.

The Mazda Miata ND high-efficiency rear wing kit from Verus comes with the wing, uprights, truck mounts, and all necessary hardware.

Using advanced fluid simulation software known for accuracy and an add-on module for shape optimization, we were able to design a highly efficient wing capable of generating significant downforce. In addition to the optimized wing (or airfoil), we used a swan-neck mounting style to feed the wing clean airflow. This setup enhances efficiency when compared to typical bottom-mount wings. The recessed mounting hardware further improves aerodynamics.

All aspects of our wing have been carefully designed, including the uprights. These components are rounded in front and knife-edged at the rear for improved flow characteristics. The wing uprights are strategically bolted to the OEM trunk and reinforced to prevent damage. 

This efficient design is perfect for the Miata ND chassis as you get improved cornering speeds without taking a significant hit to your straight-line speed. 

Real-World Testing Validates Performance

Even the best designs using industry-leading computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software must be tested. Our Miata ND wing met expectations in both CFD simulations and real-world testing. This wing hit our performance goals and will undoubtedly help you achieve yours. Check out the data in our Mazda Miata ND Ventus package analysis. We’ve included helpful graphs to show you how the wing’s angle of attack (AoA) impacts downforce and drag as speed increases.

Package Your Miata ND Wing In The Ultimate Aero Kit

If you want a substantial downforce boost with the best aerodynamic balance, consider using our Mazda Miata ND Ventus 2 package. In addition to the Miata ND wing, you will get the following components:

The front-end splitter and dive planes will balance the downforce generated by your rear wing and diffuser. The underbody panels, suspension covers, and side splitters help ensure clean airflow and reduce turbulence. This setup will boost your confidence, improve your grip, and lower track times.

Order Your ND Miata Wing Today

If you’re ready to take the performance of your Mazda Miata ND to the next level, Verus Engineering is ready to help. Order your rear wing directly from our online shop, or contact us to learn more about our aero kits. You can reach us via phone, email, or the form on this page. 

Product Spotlight: Miata ND Rear Wing Delivers Track-Day Performance
Eric Hazen March 14, 2024
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