Looking for a quick and simple remedy for those hot and glowing brakes at the track? We've got you taken care of with our easy to install ND Miata Brake Cooling Kit.

Our brake cooling kit utilizes the factory fog light locations as the inlet for our carbon fog light ducts. We grab the high-pressure air and direct it into high-temp silicone hose for optimum brake cooling.

At the upright, we use a stainless backing plate and a well-formed carbon duct to direct the air to the center of the rotor to maximize the cooling benefits of the kit.


When we tested this kit, temperatures were taken at specific locations on the rotor/pads at a repeatable distance for accuracy. The photo below points out the different locations temperatures were taken at. 

The most crucial benefit of running this kit is that your brake rotor temperature will decrease. With a reduction in rotor temperature, you will experience reduced brake fade during track days, improved performance,  as well as improved rotor and pad life.

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ND MX5 Miata - Brake Cooling Kit: https://www.verus-engineering.com/product-page/nd-mx5-miata-brake-cooling-kit