ANSYS Analysis Software - A Welcomed and Exciting Change

At Velox Motorsports, we take engineering the best products seriously. Part of our engineering process is analysis, be it individual part or system.  FEA (Finite Element Analysis) and CFD (Computation Fluid Dynamics) are both simulations that we use readily.  Simulation analysis allows us to test components in ways that are otherwise extremely expensive or difficult and from those results, make informed decisions on design iterations.  While we have been steadily growing our capabilities as an aftermarket component design and manufacturing company, we are beginning to plateau with our current analysis softwares.


For CFD, Velox has always used OpenFOAM. OpenFOAM is an open source finite volume CFD package that is very powerful and accurate.  OpenFOAM has been great for us, but we need a better and faster meshing solution than the standard snappy HexMesh which can take up to a day to finish and not even begin solving.  After looking into meshing software; we began to ask the question, why limit it to only meshing software and not the solver as well?  We are a firm believer in engineering the best parts, so naturally, we want the best CFD software package as well. This led us down a few paths but ended with ANSYS.

ANSYS provides the best engineering analysis software available, period.  With fluid systems, structural systems, and Multiphysics, just to name a few, they have analysis software for nearly any and every application possible. ANSYS is linked with the biggest names in nearly any industry that requires engineering.

Why are we taking this plunge?  Why are we willing to put forth the money, effort, and time to further our capabilities and accuracy?  The answer is simple, simulation analysis is the future.  Every year more and more companies are using analytics to bring better products to market faster.  We see the necessity and we want to be at the forefront of the technology, no point in playing catch up, the time is always now!  As a result, we bring our customers, better products.

ANSYS has and continues to be used by the top tiers of Motorsports as well as OEMs.  Redbull F1 utilizes ANSYS’s various suites to analyze various components and systems within the car.  Below is an informative video we urge you to watch, stating the abilities analysis software has on improving and perfecting their F1 car.  


We are extremely excited about this next step and are working on learning the new software as fast as we can.  After only a few weeks of tutorials, lectures, and reading, we are very impressed with the meshing and solving abilities.  All analysis coming out of Velox from here forward will be exclusively through the use of ANSYS.


As always, questions, comments, ask below or e-mail us and we’ll do our best to answer them.