Picking Out The Best Rear Diffuser For Performance

May 4, 2023 by
Picking Out The Best Rear Diffuser For Performance
Eric Hazen

Is it time to get serious about your vehicle’s on-track performance? Rear diffusers are one of the most common, and effective, methods to increase downforce and handling while minimizing aerodynamic drag. If you’re wondering how to find the right one for your car, take a moment to review how this component works and what you should consider before installing one.

What Is A Rear Diffuser And How Does It Work?

Rear diffuser on Ford Mustang S550.Rear diffuser on Ford Mustang S550.

A rear diffuser is an aerodynamic upgrade attached to the back end of your vehicle. While it creates a distinctive, aggressive look, that’s really a secondary benefit to its performance advantages. Without bogging you down with a physics lesson, it’s important to understand that the goal is to have the following:

  • Faster, lower pressure air under the car

  • Slower, higher pressure air going over the car

  • A smooth transition between lower and higher pressure zones at the back of the vehicle

A rear diffuser, when used in conjunction with your front-end and underbody aerodynamics, can help make this happen. In order to get faster, lower-pressure air traveling under the car, a front splitter is often used with a rear diffuser. 

The diffuser helps produce downforce by increasing the speed of the air in a controlled manner. This fills in the wake region behind the car and reduces the tire wake’s interaction with the rest of the vehicle body. The diffuser eases the transition between high-velocity/low-pressure air underneath the car, and low-velocity/high-pressure on the top of the vehicle. With a rear diffuser, you should see a big improvement in drag.

Top Considerations When Buying A Rear Diffuser

high performance rear diffuser for Toyota Supra A90 MKVIt's best to include a rear diffuser like the one seen here for a Toyota Supra A90 MKV as part of an aerodynamic package.

There is a range of rear diffusers on the market, and some enthusiasts may even attempt to make one on their own. If you’re looking for the best results, there are a couple of things to consider.

  • Is it included as part of an aerodynamic package? For best results, your rear diffuser should be part of a package that includes front-end and underbody components. This will greatly increase its effectiveness and give you the proper aerodynamic balance.

  • Is it designed specifically for your vehicle? You should go with a supplier skilled in computational fluid dynamics, computer-aided design, and 3D scanning to ensure the part is designed with performance and fitment in mind. This will also help ensure a precision fit and improved performance for your specific vehicle.

  • What are some key aspects of a rear diffuser? Various elements of a rear diffuser will impact performance, such as the size of the expansion chambers, the angle of the diffuser to the ground, and the design of the strakes.

Not all rear diffusers are created equal, and some may be more for show than performance. This is why it’s critical to choose the right aftermarket supplier. 

Order A Rear Diffuser From Verus Engineering

Get the increased downforce, tire grip, and reduced drag you want by turning to the experts at Verus Engineering. We custom-design rear diffusers and complete aerodynamic packages using state-of-the-art technology and a thorough knowledge of automotive performance. Find the right diffuser for your vehicle today or contact us with any questions.

Picking Out The Best Rear Diffuser For Performance
Eric Hazen May 4, 2023
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