Lower Lap Times With a Miata Aero Kit From Verus Engineering

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Lower Lap Times With a Miata Aero Kit From Verus Engineering
Eric Hazen

One of the most popular roadsters ever made, the Mazda Miata ND is fun to drive right off the factory floor. But if you’re looking to lower track times or add performance to your daily drive, the right aftermarket parts can make a world of difference. Verus Engineering has your solution if you’re ready to get more downforce in a balanced, aerodynamic setup.

Read our Ventus Package solutions on what parts work best together to reach your desired build. Then head on over to our Miata ND performance parts online shop to buy exactly what you need. If you have questions about parts, pricing, or anything else, please contact us by phone, email, or the simple form on this page.

Ventus 1 Package -- Improved Aerodynamics

Mazda Miata ND with a performance dive plane and front splitter

The dive plane on this Mazda Miata will help control airflow and reduce lift.

When creating our aero kits, we focus on maximizing efficiency. This means we generate downforce with minimal or negligible increases in drag. You’ll feel the downforce boost but also benefit from a factory-like aerodynamic balance. Our Ventus 1 package is a great place to start and includes the following: 

  • MX5 Dive planes: Our Mazda Miata ND dive planes are designed to help control airflow around the car. When properly placed according to our templates, the dive planes create a vortex that helps pull air out of the fender wells. This is important in minimizing lift and adding downforce. You can also get a slight downforce boost due to the pressure differences. The bottom surface helps establish a lower-pressure zone with faster air while a higher-pressure area resides on top. 
  • MX5 Miata Rear diffuser: One way to stabilize this classic roadster is by using a rear diffuser. Our unit generates downforce by promoting a lower-pressure zone under the car while minimizing drag by directing air into the wake region behind the vehicle. 
  • Suspension covers: The suspension covers work directly with the diffuser by feeding it clean, uninterrupted air. Ultimately, drag will be reduced, and your diffuser will perform better.
  • Underbody panels: Similar to suspension covers, underbody panels close up voids to promote clean, non-turbulent airflow. By doing so, the panels boost the performance of your front splitter and diffuser. 
  • Miata MX5 Side splitters: Adding downforce without increasing drag, our Mazda Miata ND side splitters reduce airflow from the top sides to the bottom of the car. You get a downforce boost in the center of the car without disrupting the aerodynamic balance.

Ventus 2 Package -- Aggressive Aerodynamics

High-efficiency swan neck rear wing kit for a Mazda Miata ND

 Our Mazda Miata high-efficiency rear wing features a swan-neck, top-mount design to promote clean airflow.

Take your Miata to another level of performance and watch your track times drop with our Ventus 2 aggressive aerodynamics package. Adding a front splitter and high-efficiency rear wing gives you a significant downforce enhancement while maintaining aerodynamic balance. Mazda Miata performance parts in this package include:


  • Verus Miata MX5 Front splitter: The perfect complement to back-end components, the Miata front splitter boosts front-end grip while promoting proper aerodynamic balance. You will benefit from reduced lift, increased cornering grip at high speeds, and overall lower track times.
  • MX5 High-efficiency rear wing: Creating downforce with minimal drag increases is critical for a lower-horsepower machine like the Miata. Efficiency is vital, and this component gets the job done. The swan-neck, top-mount design promotes efficiency by feeding the wing clean airflow. The result is faster corner speeds without a significant hit to straight-line speed or fuel mileage for everyday driving.

Enhance Performance With Mazda Miata Performance Parts From Verus

Get your Mazda Miata ND track ready with the help of Verus Engineering. Purchase an expertly designed Miata aero kit or find the individual parts you need in our online shop. Order your parts today or contact us if you need help modifying this popular roadster.

Lower Lap Times With a Miata Aero Kit From Verus Engineering
Eric Hazen March 20, 2024
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