Keep It Cool: Improve Performance With Brake Cooling Kits

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Keep It Cool: Improve Performance With Brake Cooling Kits
Eric Hazen

Running at high speeds is hard on a vehicle as the excessive heat can wreak havoc on various systems, including your brakes. If brake fade and premature wearing of pads and rotors is a problem, consider installing a brake cooling kit. Learn more about this aftermarket upgrade and why you should only use components from trusted performance parts specialists.

What Are The Benefits Of Aftermarket Brake Ducts?

Brake cooling kit for a Toyota Supra

Well-designed brake cooling kits like this one for a Toyota Supra will reduce brake fade and extend the life of your components.

Big brake kits with large rotors are more effective than OEM options at controlling temperatures, but they may not be enough for the more aggressive track-day setups. Thankfully, aftermarket brake ducts can help. Here are some of the benefits they provide:

  • Reduced brake fade
  • Prevention of rotor cracks that can occur after intense track sessions
  • Extended life of brake pads and rotors
  • More reliable brake performance

Brake cooling kits can even be effective when using OEM rotors with smaller vanes, but you must be careful about how these upgrades are installed.

Brake Duct Solutions Must Be Properly Designed

Brake cooling kit installed on Subaru BRZ.

Your brake cooling kit must direct air into the center of the rotor, like this installation for a Subaru BRZ.

Brake cooling kits can be effective, but only when properly designed. Many DIY solutions fail to improve your cooling efficiency and can actually make things worse. Here are some common problems:

Air Doesn’t Go To The Right Place

You should only direct air into the center of the rotor, where it can be distributed evenly by the internal vanes. A common mistake is funneling air to an area on the inner face of the rotor. This configuration can lead to cracking. The inner disc face will run cooler while the outer half stays hot, resulting in unnecessary stress between the sides.

Not Enough Air Volume Through The System

Installing ducts and snaking tubes from the front of the car back to the brakes isn’t easy. You will only lower the brake temperature if you send enough air into the rotor. If you don’t, the brake duct system may be restrictive and raise temperatures.

Get An Expertly Routed Brake Cooling Kit From Industry Leaders

Brake cooling kits can be worthwhile if you have sufficient air intake and a well-routed system. Naturally, the faster you go on the track, the more help your brake cooling ducts will provide. The pressure and flow rates are increased at higher speeds, which sends more air to your brakes. Just make sure you go with performance upgrades designed by aftermarket experts.

Order Brake Cooling Ducts From Verus Engineering

Improve your cooling efficiency with expertly designed parts from Verus Engineering. Our brake cooling kits come with everything you need, including the ducts, brake hoses, clamps, hardware, and detailed instructions. You’ll even find links to installation videos to show you the way. We’re confident our upgrades will help your brakes do their job and extend the life of your components. Step inside our online shop today to find the right performance parts for your vehicle.

Keep It Cool: Improve Performance With Brake Cooling Kits
Eric Hazen April 29, 2024
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