How To Improve Aerodynamics On A Car

May 4, 2023 by
How To Improve Aerodynamics On A Car
Eric Hazen

Sports cars are often seen as works of art with their sleek, eye-catching style, but there is more going on than aesthetic appeal. Sure, auto manufacturers want you to like the way a car looks, but they’re also trying to optimize the vehicle’s aerodynamics. Some actually do a pretty good job, but in nearly every case, there’s room for improvement. 

If you’re looking to improve car aerodynamics on your factory model, there are a range of aftermarket performance parts that will help.

Top Aerodynamic Performance Parts

By improving the car’s aerodynamic properties, you have the opportunity to increase downforce, reduce drag, and ultimately post faster track times. Getting the right balance is critical, which is why it often makes sense to go with a complete aerodynamic package. 

Here are some performance parts you may want to include in your setup:

Rear Diffuser