Get The Right Aerodynamic Balance With Our Porsche 718 GT4 Ventus Packages

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Get The Right Aerodynamic Balance With Our Porsche 718 GT4 Ventus Packages
Eric Hazen

Designed and tested to make your Porsche 718 GT4 faster around the track, the Ventus packages from Verus Engineering are big on downforce and low on drag. Even though your Porsche Cayman is fast off the factory floor, we can take it up a notch and have the data to prove it. You’ll appreciate the improved aerodynamic balance, which is critical in getting a better grip and lower times.

Check out the Porsche 718 GT4 Ventus packages we have assembled, and contact our automotive engineers to customize one for your vehicle. You can also purchase all the parts mentioned here individually in our online shop.  

Ventus 1 Package – Improved Airflow

Dive planes or canards on Porsche 718 GT4

Reduce lift and improve front-end downforce with dive planes.

Our Improved Airflow package for the Porsche 718 GT4 builds on the factory diffuser while adding an important downforce boost up front. Here’s what it includes: 

  • Rear diffuser side panels: Your Porsche 718 GT4 comes with a well-designed diffuser. But when upgrading to an aftermarket exhaust system, you’ll be left with open cavities where the mufflers were located. This creates turbulent air, which reduces the effectiveness of the diffuser. Our Porsche 718 rear diffuser panels cover the void and solve the problem.
  • Dual dive planes: Our GT4 dive planes are constructed of 2x2 twill carbon fiber and come with templates to ensure proper placement. These will give you a slight front-end downforce boost without impacting ground clearance. Although some downforce is produced on the components, the real benefit is how the dive planes control airflow. They create a vortex which aids in evacuating air from the fenders. You get less lift and improved performance by bringing this air out efficiently.

Ventus 2 Package – Aggressive Aerodynamics

UCW rear wing on Porsche Cayman GT4

 Get a significant back-end downforce boost with a UCW rear wing.

Need a little more downforce for your track-day setup? No problem. Our Porsche 718 GT4 Aggressive Aerodynamics package adds a Porsche Cayman splitter and UCW wing to the diffuser side panels and dive planes. You’ll enjoy the noticeable boost and the balanced performance.

With the Aggressive Aerodynamics package, you get the following:


  • UCW wing: Developed through computational fluid dynamics, fine-tuned in the wind tunnel, and tested on track, our UCW wing for the Porsche 718 GT4 delivers a significant boost in rear downforce. The wing’s bottom surface is essential in establishing a low-pressure region, resulting in more downforce. The top surface will help generate additional force, but not as much. The wing’s angle of attack (AoA) is adjustable to your driving style. If it’s set higher than 7.5 degrees, it’s recommended that you use wing risers or taller mounts. The UCW wing also bolts on using existing holes for easy installation.
  • Front splitter: To balance out the aggressive UCW wing, a front splitter is included in this package. This component provides a significant front-end downforce boost. High pressure on the upper surface helps drive the splitter down, while the greatest benefit is realized underneath. Like the wing's bottom surface, the splitter's underside generates a low-pressure region for enhanced downforce. Our splitter effectively sends airflow into the diffuser for a uniform, aerodynamic setup. It is constructed from motorsports-grade carbon polyweave with exceptional wear characteristics.

Purchase Porsche Cayman Aftermarket Parts Today

Take your ride to another level with Porsche Cayman aftermarket parts from Verus Engineering. Carefully designed, analyzed, and tested on track, our Ventus packages are the right way to lower track times with superior aerodynamic balance. Contact us today and get the perfect aero kit for your vehicle.

Get The Right Aerodynamic Balance With Our Porsche 718 GT4 Ventus Packages
Eric Hazen February 6, 2024
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