Clutch Spring Removal in Under 15 Minutes

A Must for FRS/BRZ Owners

The twins have a clutch spring that greatly reduces the strength needed to push the clutch in.  This is actually a really neat idea from Toyota/Subaru, and it is the first time I’ve seen it used and it does a great job.  However, this also leaves the pedal without any feeling, making it much more difficult to drive smoothly.  This spring can be removed with relative ease, and in under 15 minutes with a little know-how. 

Tools Needed:

  • Needle Nose Pliers

  • A flashlight

  • Screwdriver

First, let us familiarize ourselves with what is under the dash.

Verus Clutch Spring Removal in 15 Minutes

You’ll want to slide the seat all the way back and place the flashlight so that you can see what you’re working on.  I also cleaned the spring at this time, it’s fairly caked on from the factory.

Verus Clutch Spring Removal in 15 Minutes

Looking at the assembly from the passenger side of the car, we see a clip (specifically called an “E” clip) that holds the stud in place.  We will need to remove this.

Verus Clutch Spring Removal in 15 Minutes

Twist the E-clip so that the opening faces down.  Using the needle-nose pliers, one tong on each side of the clip, gently push up or hit the handle with your hand.  Be careful not to lose this clip.

Verus Clutch Spring Removal in 15 Minutes

With the E-clip removed, we are now able to remove the stud.  The spring has considerable pressure, as I’m sure you’ll see, which makes removing this stud difficult.  Depressing the clutch pedal (pedal on the ground) releases some of this pressure.  Push the clutch pedal all the way in, and with the needle-nose pliers, push the snout (E-Clip side) towards the driver's side.  This should give enough room for you to use the needle nose on the other side of the stud.  Using the pedal as leverage for the pliers, pull the pin the rest of the way out while the clutch is depressed.  Next, using the flathead, push on one of the legs of the clutch clevis upward.  This will take some force but it will come off!

Verus Clutch Spring Removal in 15 Minutes

Re-assemble and push the E-clip on with the needle-nose or the flathead.  Both methods should work well.


Thanks for reading and let us know if you have any questions.

Verus Clutch Spring Removal in 15 Minutes