Splitter Skid Vane, Titanium

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Protect your splitter from slamming into concrete/asphalt with our titanium skid vanes.  These units are CNC machined from solid 6Al-4V Titanium bars and finished off with a laser engraved logo.  The skid vanes bolt simply to the splitter with M6 hardware which is readily available.  Titanium was chosen for its characteristics at elevated temperatures which occur at high speeds and grinding against concrete/asphalt on track.

We chose a NACA 0010 profile to ensure drag and downstream airflow is minimally affected, if at all.  The units are 110mm long (4.33 inches), 19.4mm wide (0.76 inches), and 12.7mm thick (0.50 inches).  Hole spacing for the M6 fasteners is exactly 60mm apart.

What Is Included

  • Ti-6Al-4AV Skid Vane (1)