Brake Cooling Kit - Mk5 Toyota Supra

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The Verus Engineering Brake Cooling Kit is configured in an OEM style format, with emphasis on the shortest route possible. Using an OEM inlet, carbon fender transition duct, and a well-formed duct on the backing plate, this kit directs airflow into the center of the rotor. The inlet of the kit is a beautiful carbon duct that features a constant cross-sectional area that promotes and improves flow through the brake cooling kit. The kit comes with everything necessary for an install, including pre-cut hose.

During the design process; we utilized in-house scan data and CFD from the Supra. This resulted in a product that features a near OEM fit and finish.

The brake cooling kit was designed for owners looking to reduce brake fade and improve the thermal characteristics of the brakes on the Mk5 Toyota Supra.


  • Backing Plate Including Carbon Duct, Right-Hand

  • Backing Plate Including Carbon Duct, Left-Hand

  • Carbon Fender Transition Duct, Right-Hand

  • Carbon Fender Transition Duct, Left-Hand

  • 2.5" High-Temp Silicone Hose, Cut to Size (2)

  • Stainless Hose Clamp (4)

  • Zip-Tie (2)



Carbon Fender Transition Ducts

Direct Air into the Center of the Rotor

Stainless Backing Plate Adds Even More Airflow into Center of the Rotor

OEM Type Install

Installs in a Few Hours With Minimal Hand Tools and Know-How

Short Routing to Maximum Cooling Efficiency

Integrated Ball Joint Shield



  Stainless Backing Plate

100% Carbon Fiber, 2x2 Twill, Autoclave Cured Carbon Fiber Ducts

Pre-cut High-Temp Silicone Brake Duct Hose

All Necessary Hardware Included



By utilizing the high-pressure brake inlet airflow that is in place from the factory, capturing this air, and forcing it into the center of the rotor, we increase the cooling capacity of the factory and aftermarket brake system. The carbon fiber pancake duct keeps clearance with the wheel while ducting airflow to the high-temp silicone brake hose. The carbon duct on the backing plate and backing plate were both designed to increase airflow to the center of the rotor further improving cooling.






Install Manual