Flat Underbody Panel Kit - Porsche 981 Cayman GT4

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Finishing what Porsche started, we fill in the void in the 981's underbody. The middle of the vehicle creates drag on automobiles and covering the turbulent areas with flat sheet aluminum reduces this significantly. By improving the airflow to the rear diffuser; the diffuser is able to function better as well.

Produced from sheet aluminum and powder-coated a durable black, they look great and function as intended. Pair this with our rear diffuser to reduce lift and drag simultaneously.

Through CFD, we have estimated the underbody panels reduce the coefficient of drag (cD) by 0.007; or 7 points.

* Will work with other Porsche 981 models, but does take slight modification to mount.*


  • Flat Underbody Panel, Left-Hand

  • Flat Underbody Panel, Right-Hand

  • Bracket (2)

  • Hardware Kit, Includes All Hardware Necessary for Install




Reduce Drag

Increase Gas Mileage

Improved Diffuser Function

Flat Underbody

Simple Install




CNC Cut 5052 Aluminum

CNC Bent

Powdercoated Black for Durability

Produced in the USA

Stainless Steel Hardware Throughout

Rivet-Nut Install Tool Included




The Flat Underbody Covers are part of our Ventus 1 and Ventus 2 packages for the 981 Porsche Cayman GT4. The Flat Underbody Panel covers a large gap between the belly pan and the rear diffuser. As a result; this panel kit will decrease underbody drag and improve the diffuser's ability to function.

The goal of the Ventus 1 and Ventus 2 package for the Porsche Cayman GT4 is to improve aerodynamic performance over the factory. The Ventus 1 package increases downforce with a minimal increase in drag and designed towards an end-user who wants a slight bump in downforce.  The Ventus 2 package increases downforce significantly, with an increase in drag as well; and is geared towards an end-user who wants the most from their car and tires on the track.




Install Manual

Informative Packet