Sound Tube Delete - Miata MX5 (ND)

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Delete that cumbersome and rather annoying sound tube on your ND Miata with our Sound Tube Delete Kit. We found that by removing the sound tube, the car sounded significantly better while driving and alleviated a lot of clutter in the engine bay! 

We liked the modification so much, we had to bring a production model to life out of machined aluminum. Being aluminum, this offers a much more robust part that will not become brittle/hard in old age or break easily like the OE unit.


  • Machined Aluminum PCV Hose to Intake Hose Adapter

  • Rubber Firewall Plug



  More Appropriate Sound While Driving

Less Clutter and a Cleaner Looking Engine Bay

~1 LB Weight Loss

Stronger and Will Last Longer Than OE Unit  



  6061-T6 Aluminum Construction

Anodized Bright-Dip Black

Plastic Push-In Cover for Hole in Firewall

Laser Engraved Logo  

Made in the U.S.A.