CZF Front Splitter Diffuser Tunnel Kit

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    The Verus Engineering Front Splitter Diffuser Tunnels were developed for one purpose, making large amounts of efficient front end downforce. The units are produced from 2x2, pre-preg, carbon fiber and are finished with a matte clear coat. The diffusers feature a large flange for easy bolting to a splitter of your choice. The tunnels also feature a curved trailing edge to allow for better tire to diffuser clearance.

    Utilizing state-of-the-art analysis software during the R&D process, we were able to ensure that the diffusers are functioning extremely well and improving front end downforce. This was achieved through multiple CFD analysis and iterations.


    • Left Carbon Front Diffuser

    • Right Carbon Front Diffuser
    • Hardware Kit, Including All Hardware Necessary for install




    Reduce Lift (Increase Downforce)

    Improved Overall Aerodynamic Efficiency

    Reduce Lap Times

    Simple Bolt-On Installation




     CFD Designed, Tested, and Iteratively Improved

    2x2 Twill Pre-preg Carbon Construction

    Matte Clear Coat

    Stainless Hardware Used Throughout 




    Front splitter tunnels or diffusers improve airflow underneath the splitter which is the large driving force for the front splitter producing downforce. This higher velocity, low-pressure airflow is what sucks the splitter to the tarmac or ground, improving front-end grip. These diffusers were developed using CFD and past knowledge to produce large amounts of front-end downforce when coupled with a well-designed and placed front splitter.