Motor Mount Assy - Toyota MK5 Supra

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    The Verus Engineering Toyota Supra Motor Mount greatly increases the rigidity of the drivetrain for a more motorsports driving experience. The factory mounts are extremely compliant and results in a vague feeling when driven hard. This movement also means that during hard decel and accel events, the motor is rocking back and forth instead of transmitting power to the ground. These units are great for track day or drag race guys that are looking for a more solidly mounted engine for better power delivery.

    The motor mounts are CNC machined, in house, at Verus Engineering out of 6061-T6 aluminum. They feature three different durometer bushings so you can choose your stiffness.

    We recommend 70A durometer units for most applications.

    Anodized parts can potentially fade over time due to engine bay heat.


    • (2) Motor Mount Base
    • (2) Motor Mount Bushing Retainer
    • (8) 70A Durometer Bushing
    • (8) 80A Durometer Bushing
    • (8) 90A Durometer Bushing
    • Hardware Kit, Including All Hardware Necessary for a Seamless Install







    Reduces Engine Rocking

      More Connected Driver Feel

    Better Power Delivery

    Less Compliant Driveline



      CNC Machined from 6061-T6

    Anodized for Corrosion Resistance

      CNC Laser Engraved

     Made in-house in the U.S.A.

    Customer Testimonial

    "On track this weekend the mounts did not have any noticeable change to the car (which I think is great). As mentioned, the only time it's noticeable is on the occasional lugging of the engine. When we had the factory mounts in place, the engine was contacting several aftermarket items we added to the engine bay, making it tough to package anything additional in the area. We were contacting the KW Remote Reservoir with the charge pipe. It was actually hard enough to dent the charge pipe pretty badly. We also were having our fuel regulator (fixed to the engine) swing over and the DME cover (computer cover on driver side).

    Most detrimental was the added AN Fuel lines were kinking off and restricting flow to the PI and DI rails when the engine would torque over at the top of 4th and 5th gear on long straights. This was what we learned at Putnam when we stopped by your shop.

    I hope this info is helpful and useful in some way! Thanks for an awesome product."

    - Andrew Brownfield, Senior Engineer, TOYOTA MOTOR NORTH AMERICA