Hood Louver Kit, Small Vents - BRZ/FRS/GT86 (BLEMISH)


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    *The pictures provided above are not the blemished product. Blemish products have small defects in the surface finish but are structurally sound.*

    The Verus Engineering Small Hood Louver Kit helps reduce engine bay heat and pressure by evacuating air out from under the hood.  The louvers improve cooling stack efficiency, improve underhood component longevity, and can add a bump in front end downforce.  Optional wickers are included with each kit to improve the effectiveness of the louvers.

    During the design process, we wanted to utilize the OEM hood due to the unit being extremely light already.  This resulted in a product that retains the hood's structural skeleton; ensuring the hood keeps its strength and shape after years of use.

    This hood louver kit is for the BRZ, FRS, or GT86 owner looking for a purposefully placed, built, and tested louver kit that when paired with an OE hood, weighs less than most carbon hoods.

    Optional rain guard kits are also available for owners looking to shield their engine bay components.


    • Hood Louver, Small, Right-Hand Side

    • Hood Louver, Small, Left-Hand Side

    • Wicker, Small, Right-Hand Side

    • Wicker, Small, Left-Hand Side

    • Cut Template (2)

    • Small Verus Vinyl Sticker

    • Hardware Kit, Includes All Necessary Hardware for Install








    Retains OEM Hood's Structural Integrity

    Optional Rain Guards

    Reduce Underhood Pressure and Temperature

    Cut-Out Template Included

    Clinch Studs/Nuts Allow Vents to be Easily Removed for Cleaning

    Offered in Black Powdercoat or Raw Aluminum

    Wickers Included in Each Kit



     CFD Optimized Design

    1.6mm Thick 6061 Aluminum

    CNC Laser Cut

    Available Black Powdercoat for Durability

    Stainless Steel Flush Clinch Studs

    Stainless Serrated Nuts

    Made in the U.S.A.




    Multiple track day enthusiasts were destroying the ignition coils on their car during hot summer track days. These malfunctioning coils are thought to be caused by overheating. Our hood vents dramatically reduce underhood temps and the air around the ignition coils as well. The louvers will also reduce pressure buildup in the engine bay, also known as hood flutter. The side benefit would be a slight increase in front-end downforce. It is highly recommended to use wickers to increase evacuation.