Carbon Polyweave Side Splitter Kit - Mk5 Toyota Supra

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The Verus Engineering Carbon Polyweave Side Splitter Kit completes the aerodynamic appearance of your Mk5 Toyota Supra.  These units were designed specifically to flow with the factory side-splitter and feature a horizontal member which reduces the amount of high-pressure air making its way to the bottom side of the vehicle.  This high-pressure air produces lift and by reducing this, we reduce lift on the chassis. This is specifically prevalent while the vehicle is in yaw or while turning.

The side splitters are constructed from a very strong and durable carbon thermoplastic (Carbon Polyweave).  This offers the exotic appearance and strength of carbon, with the durability of plastic. The units will be able to withstand impacts much better than carbon fiber.


  • Carbon Polyweave Side Splitter, Left-Hand

  • Carbon Polyweave Side Splitter, Right-Hand

  • Hardware Kit, Includes All Hardware Necessary for Install



Reduce Lift (Increase Downforce)

Improve Overall Aerodynamic Efficiency

Reduce Lap Times

Increase Gas Mileage

  Will Not Grab and Bend Surfaces Like Aluminum Units

  Will Not Crack and Break Like Carbon and ABS Units

  Abrasive Resistant While Stiff



Carbon Thermoplastic Composition (Carbon Polyweave)

Same Material Used in Various Forms of Racing, Including Indy Car, NASCAR, and F1

Stainless Hardware Used Throughout

Made in the U.S.A.




The Verus Engineering Carbon Polyweave Side Splitter Kit for the Mk5 Toyota Supra helps improve downforce by reducing spillage of high-pressure air making its way to the underbody of the vehicle. This is specifically present in yaw, or while turning, more than in a straight line. High-pressure air on the underbody of the vehicle creates lift, by reducing this spillage the vehicle body experiences less lift than the factory and thus improves overall vehicle downforce. The side splitters are a great addition to those looking for a bump in downforce, specifically in yaw (while turning).




Install Manual

Informative Packet