Carbon Fiber Driveshaft - BRZ/GT86/FRS

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Reduce driveline slack and rotational weight by over half with our lightweight Carbon Fiber Driveshaft.  The driveshaft is a direct replacement for the OEM 2 piece driveshaft and dramatically reduces weight.

Each unit is frequency balanced and is tested to 5000nm (3600+ft.lbs) of torque.

The tube itself is constructed of multiple layers of carbon fiber, with a strict 76% carbon to 24% epoxy ratio, which leads to a stronger and lighter unit.

The ends are made from 7075-T6 aluminum with high-quality u-joints.  Frequency balancing ensures the driveshaft does not vibrate while in use.


  • Carbon Fiber Driveshaft




Weight savings of ~55%

Strict 76% carbon to 24% epoxy shaft

Specific weave pattern designed for high torque

7075-T6 cold-forged, heat-treated, and anti-oxidation treatment joint aluminum ends

High-quality joints

Frequency balanced assembly

Rated for 5000 n-m of torque

Fatigue test passed 100,000 cycles at 2000 n-m of torque




Strict 76% to 24% carbon to epoxy ratio is utilized

Dual filament windings based on Formula One class manufacturing technology

The raw carbon fiber material is from Toray in Japan (same carbon supplier as Nissan GT-R's OEM carbon driveshaft)

Military Grade T700 24k Carbon Fiber, which is used in missile bodies and high-pressure fuel tanks

Cured in an autoclave mold to closely control temperature and pressure bonding




Rated for 5000 n-m of torque

Fatigue tested at 2000 n-m/cycle for 100,000 cycles

Balance tested between 8,000 and 10,000 RPM

Similar BMW models have passed over 10,000 RPM and 200 MPH without vibration or failure




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