C&R Racing LTR/HE - Mk5 Toyota Supra

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With OE coolers rejecting significantly more heat than years past, we turned to C&R / PWR Racing for a solution to aid in cooling the hot turbocharged air which runs through an intercooler in the manifold.  The LTR cools this hot water and thus improves air temps post intercooler.

PWR has a long history of cooling high horsepower cars on and off the track, supplying teams from F1, to NASCAR, to Trophy Trucks, to Sports Cars, and everything in between.  The cores are benchmarked against OE components to ensure improvements from OE are possible and what those benefits are.

Simply going to a thicker core may improve temps for a single dyno pull or highway blast, but we are after increased heat rejection over 20+ minute stints, and that is where PWR shines.  The core features a short 4.85mm fin in a high-density fin count, dimpled tubes, and bolts on like a factory component.  Included on the top left is a -4 bung to ensure all air can be bled out after install.


  • High-Performance Low Temperature Radiator



4.85mm Short Fin

High-Density Fin Count

Dimpled Tubes

Increased Cooling Capacity

-4AN Bleed Bung

OE Fit and Finish

Made in the USA



Complete Aluminum Construction

High-Performance Race Core

Made in the U.S.A.




By leveraging data, knowledge, and components from PWR's racing heritage, the Supra LTR benefits from the best core technology available to the aftermarket and racing community alike.  The LTR was benchmarked on PWR's state-of-the-art wind tunnel and ran on their calorimeter for performance data.