OEM Hood Scoop Block-Off Kit - Subaru WRX/STI (GR/GV) (Blemish)

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*The pictures provided above are not the blemished product. Blemish products have small defects in the surface finish but are structurally sound. Please email for pictures if necessary.*

The Verus Engineering Hood Scoop Block-Off was developed to improve the aerodynamics and cooling of your Subaru WRX or STI.  By blocking off the scoop, the owner is able to reduce the under-hood pressure of their Subaru WRX/STI.  This underhood pressure causes lift on the front end of the vehicle.

Furthermore, the unnecessary underhood pressure decreases the pressure delta through the cooling stack which reduces airflow through the cooling stack.  This means less airflow through a front mount intercooler, radiator, and/or oil cooler, hurting cooling efficiency.

This kit is great for owners looking to improve the performance of their cooling system and aerodynamics of their WRX or STI after removing the factory or aftermarket top mount intercoolers.  The kit also reduces weight by a few pounds by removing unnecessary duct work under the hood.


  • Hood Scoop Block-Off

  • Hardware Kit, Includes All Necessary Hardware for Install



Reduces Underhood Pressure

Increase Cooling Stack Efficiency

Decrease Front End Lift

Helps Keep the Engine Bay Dry and Clean

Quick and Simple Install

No Cutting or Drilling Required



1.6mm Thick 5052 Aluminum

CNC Laser Cut and Bent

Black Powdercoat for Durability

Laser Engraved Logo

Made in the U.S.A.




Install Manual