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Racer Special

The products in this category functionally are sound, but cosmetically have slight flaws or blemishes. For example, on powder coated parts, the powder coating may not be perfect, but the unit will work as intended. On anodized components, the component may have a small blemish somewhere on the piece. On carbon components, the clear may not be perfect. Functionally, these units will fit and work as intended. These are perfect for track day goers who do not need or want cosmetically perfect parts and want to save some money.

*Racer Special items are not covered under our 1 year limited manufacturer defect warranty.*


Front Splitter Kit - Mk5 Toyota Supra (BLEMISH)
1,439.96 1,583.96 1439.96 USD
High-Efficiency Rear Wing - BRZ/FRS/GT86 (BLEMISH)
1,529.96 1,682.96 1529.96 USD
UCW Rear Wing Kit - BRZ/FRS/GT86 (BLEMISH)
1,662.46 1,828.70 1662.46 USD
UCW Rear Wing Kit - Subaru WRX (VA) (BLEMISH)
1,681.46 1,849.61 1681.46 USD
UCW Rear Wing Kit - Subaru STI (GV) (BLEMISH)
1,785.95 1,964.54 1785.95 USD
UCW Rear Wing Kit - Subaru STI (VA) (BLEMISH)
1,842.96 2,027.25 1842.96 USD
UCW Rear Wing Kit - Mk5 Toyota Supra (BLEMISH)
2,086.16 2,294.77 2086.16 USD
UCW Rear Wing Kit - Ford S550 GT350R (BLEMISH)
2,123.21 2,335.53 2123.21 USD