The continued success of our FT86 brake cooling kit has led us to the release of our Subaru WRX/STI (VA) brake cooling kit. This brake cooling kit was designed for owners looking to maximize their brake's cooling efficiency and increase their brake's ability to do their job.

Our full brake cooling kit is configured in an OEM style format, with emphasis on the shortest route possible. To do this, we utilized the OEM fog light bezels as the inlet for the kit and then direct air to a well-formed duct in the inner fender liner. The kit comes with everything necessary for the install, including pre-cut hoses. 

For those of you that prefer the aesthetic of your fog lights, don't worry because we offer the backing plate and ducting kit as a separate product. We also offer universal cooling duct hose to complete your DIY kit.

Due to the OEM style format, our full brake cooling kit installs in a few hours with minimal hand tools and know how. Our backing plates are constructed of stainless steel with a dry carbon air duct that fits a 2.5" silicone cooling hose. Our universal brake ducts, or pancake ducts as some people like to call them, are composed of a hard durable plastic with one side designed for a 3" hose, while the other side is for a 2.5" hose. Whatever your DIY brake cooling end goal may be, we have the products to make it happen.

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